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How It Works

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Why work with me?

My first love has always been movement & the human body. I became a dancer at a young age, and now have over 20 years of experience in this industry as a Personal Trainer, Body Mechanic, Health Coach, and Educator. I am passionate about integrating holistic research into methods for helping people like you achieve proper form, pain-free movement, and ultimate health & wellness.
  • Personal Trainer
  • FMS: Functional Movement Systems
  • Cancer Exercise Training
  • Postural Alignment
  • Physical Mind Pilates / Peak Pilates
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • TRX Sports Medicine
  • NETA Kettlebell
  • Spinning / Reebok Cycling
  • Parkinson’s Regeneration Training

The Process

  • 1

    First, you and I will go through a complete analysis and Posture Assessment. We will look at things such as hip placement & spinal structure, any complications in movement, & lifestyle habits such as sleep, nutrition, & hydration. During this first session, we will get to know each other - you are a unique human being, therefore every step of this process is uniquely created just for you.

  • 2
    Your Individual Plan

    Based on the analysis & Posture Assessment, I will curate a plan that works at your pace, for your needs. Everybody is beautifully different; Your plan can include Live sessions with me, physical exercises, a nutrition program, and more.

  • 3
    Virtual Coaching

    Woohoo! We've come up with the perfect plan for you! This is the cool part: We can do it all virtually. We will use modern technology at its finest to talk, train, heal, and get into amazing shape. Don't worry - if in-person interaction is your thing, we can include some of that too.


Your health is the most important investment you will make. I offer flexible pricing options to suit your needs. To the right, you will see two of my most common services offered. I encourage you to click below either option to schedule a consultation with me, or click below to reach out directly.

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Body Into Balance Assessment
billed once
Initial Consultation
Includes Posture Assessment
Written Summary
Guided Exercise Recommendations
Virtual, Photo Submission, or In Person
Owning Your Health
$Customized for your needs
Coaching available in 3, 6, and 12 month programs
Structured with a 1 hour session per month, and 3 30-minute weekly check-ins
Monthly exclusive newsletter
During the program, develop self-awareness; through identification of strengths, and successfully navigate the new direction of your life.
The program is designed to create forward momentum, being emotionally and physically ready for whatever you align your wellness vision to include.

Do you know how important your posture is?

Imbalances in posture signify a lot about a person's overall health, and are usually indicators of future injuries. It is important to be connected to your body, how it looks and feels, and align imbalances (i.e: uneven hips or shoulders.) This assessment is the first thing we will do. If you are in need of extra care from a Physical Therapist or other professional outside of my realm, I will help you set that up. In our work together, I will help you identify the mechanics of body movements, enhance your range of motion, and work on correcting muscular imbalances. We will start gently, then work on flexibility and balance, aerobics, and eventually power / weight training.
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Hear from my clients

``You show you care and you take the time to work get to the root of what is happening not to just temporally fix it. You share your knowledge and wisdom. It all about the holistic approach. Even though I am there to work out some kinks in my body, I know you are there to help me work out what mental kinks caused the body to get out of alignment.``
Sara G
``You are so knowledgeable and intuitive, you always know what’s wrong with me before I do, and you fix it, so I always leave feeling a lot better than when I came! I totally trust you and appreciate your describing for me what’s causing my problem - nerves, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue...as you work with me to fix it, and telling me how I can try to keep it fixed!``
Luke J
``I ALWAYS feel better when I leave. I am more comfortable and able to move better, be it more range of movement, or better balance, or more confidence in my abilities. I learn how to move differently when walking, climbing stairs or a hill, holding a grandchild, or sitting on an airplane for too long.``
Claire O