1770 Church west of Mississippi

I have a fascination for old churches and relics.   Upon a recent adventure to St. Louis I stumbled upon this beautiful church within walking distance of the St. Louis arch.   The Basilica of St. Louis is the oldest cathedral west of the Mississippi.

This church has recently went through major renovations.   The church is very active in the St. Louis community.   I had the pleasure of meeting one of the elders who takes pride in this architectural icon.   Listening to him speak of the history and the care it took to preserve its style and character.

While touring the church I had the pleasure to hear the massive pipe organ.   The sounds of the organ filled the space.   It was soft and magical as I wandered exploring the details.   My spirit felt calm and embraced the history.

The intrinsic details of the woodworking, the tile work on the altar all an amazing statement of craftsmanship.

The beauty of this church is a staple not to be missed in St. Louis and only a short walk from the Mississippi river and the arch.   It is well worth the walk!

IMG_2446 (2)


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