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Lunch Visitors

After an arduous descent and trek across a vase open crater, we settled in for some well deserved lunch.    Sitting in the midday sun, taking in the surrounding views were every bit as amazing as the day had been. Did you ever have the experience, you knew you were suppose to be right where […]

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Natural Beauty

The water has a natural attraction for me and when you add the beauty of a horse on the beach.   His calm presence almost if posing for pictures was breathtaking. As the day came to an end and this majestic creature was walking up the beach.     He was not bothered by my camera, not […]

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Beach friends

Little do we acknowledge the presence of those animals that are always at the beach.    These creatures are beautiful when capturing there essence. The beautiful white creature is elegant, calm and ever present.   It followed me that morning.   I perched myself on the grass and it approached.   Within three feet of […]

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Maggie’s 1st Snow

Stepping back and watching this puppy exploring this white cold fluffy stuff was fun! Hopping, running, digging for the tennis ball.   Throwing the ball and her returning was an adventure that continued for sometime on this cold afternoon. It was a like a switch that got flipped – Maggie got cold and ran for […]

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Fresh Air and Sunshine

Its always a fun afternoon with Maggie.    My partner in crime, a puppy  exploring nature and all the wonderful smells the local trail has to offer. Beautiful afternoon in late November, leaves crunch under foot.  The creek is cold but oh so fun to explore.    Miles of hiking through the woods, sticks to […]

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Clydesdale Parade

Special end of summer visit by the Clydesdale Horses ~ they have character and personality. Just like kids, they have a playfulness about them.   The horses pull it together when they are on parade but they push each other too! And who can forget the dalmatian ~ this dog is loved!   Its been […]

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