There are miles of rails between the east and the west.   The beauty of this is that every inch, yard and mile of this wondrous system of rails is in balance.    The integrity remains strong and unyielding.   The human system starts out that way and over time areas of weakness arise,  we have to consciously stay diligent to what is and what is not in alignment.


The strength of the steel shines through the weather it has sustained.     There is balance that supports the trains that travel above.    We are designed to be balanced, we are similar to this system but life throws us off our rails, and breakdowns occur and accidents happen.


There are many pieces of the puzzle that play an integral part of the bigger structure and are just as important to the whole.    Sad to say many of these small components go un-noticed.   Do you feed your body, mind and soul?    These are the pieces that make us human.     The fuel we intake is the foundation and many don’t recognize it as such, many overlook the value of this.

IMG_5436As with life, the bolts are just as important as the rails.   The gravel between the ties are integral part of keeping it secured.    One missing piece or component and tragedy happens. 

Do you take the time to quiet the mind and BE in the moment or are we so caught up on forging forward that we get derailed?

Our spirits, the emotions are just as important to the balance.  Do you acknowledge your feelings or stuff them downIMG_5389

Over time our system breaks we find other pathways that are more efficient and the weeds grown, new tracks are laid.     We have choices to seek the balance that we are designed to maintain, but it takes time and effort.     Will you let the rust, weather and time take over or will you strive for balance in all aspects.   Don’t wait til its too late!



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