Fall @ the lake

The beauty of nature surrounds us, we just need to take the time to breathe and take it in.    There is a magical place not far from home that has a balance of water, trails and tranquility that soothes my soul.   


On a glorious morning in mid-October, the sun is peaking through the tree and casting light and shadows on the water.

The docks are empty.  The boats are at rest.   The children that would run and play at the waters edge are back in school.   The lake is quiet.

As the seasons are in the midst of changing there is life in the water.   A few men fishing in the peaceful waters appear.


The boat launches are roped off and all is put away til next year.   It is like looking at glass the water so calm and clear.   


The tips of the trees dance with color of the fall, still hugging them til the winds take them away.


Getting lost in nature and capturing these images balance me.    What speaks to you?    Do you get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day to day?    Can you find time to carve out moments to cherish the beauty that is before you?

I am stepping back and embracing nature.   What are you choosing to do differently today?    Life is NOW!


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