Obstacles on the Path

Life has a funny way of showing up and keeping it real.   There are no road maps, there are no instruction manuals to show us the way to go as we venture forward.


Unlike hiking, there are clues along the way to keep you on the path.   Life offers us many obstacles and how we handle them sets us in a direction of uncertainty and self doubt.   As in the woods there is depth and richness all around us, we just need to look deeper.


In sharp contrast to the surroundings these beautiful flowers appear among the lush green and thorns.   Entangled and pushing forward to be seen and embraced in their environment.   The simplicity of these stand proud and strong.



Venturing forward into the woods striking contrasts appear out of the the underbrush.   Color so bold and bright it shines forth to be noticed.


The brilliance of the white on the log is unmistakable in the greens enveloping it.   Mold, moss, leaves from trees all coexist in the dirt paths that lay before us.   Like many of us we display the sides which we are proud of and turn those blemishes away not to be seen or shared.  IMG_5268  The rough edges of life are shown and displayed, some are admired as magnificent pieces of nature while others are dis-guarded and stepped over.

Standing tall and majestic until decay and life swallow them up.  Their presence has left its mark on this winding trail.

IMG_5358We all have choices, do we let life swallow us and and let decay and take over or do we take a stand, make a mark, reinvent then let creativity come forth in a new form.


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