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There are miles of rails between the east and the west.   The beauty of this is that every inch, yard and mile of this wondrous system of rails is in balance.    The integrity remains strong and unyielding.   The human system starts out that way and over time areas of weakness arise,  we have to […]

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Summer Colors

Found a rare opportunity to wander the grounds and explore the flowers of summer.    The vibrancy of the colors shown bright in the sunshine. While capturing the beauty of the distinct contrast of white and greens a butterfly danced in front of the lens.   It settled among the white flowers and fluttered its wings […]

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1770 Church west of Mississippi

I have a fascination for old churches and relics.   Upon a recent adventure to St. Louis I stumbled upon this beautiful church within walking distance of the St. Louis arch.   The Basilica of St. Louis is the oldest cathedral west of the Mississippi. This church has recently went through major renovations.   The church is very […]

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Retired relics

On recent adventure to the Naval Yard in Philadelphia I stumble upon some relics of ole.   These once beautiful vessels carried missions beyond our local docks. It stands majestic anchored to shore.   It is quiet but the battle wounds are apparent.   It sits quietly at rest while others are adorned. As I wondered through the […]

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An afternoon adventure opened up to glorious beauty.   I am afraid of heights, I don’t embrace them, I don’t put myself in places that my sense of self would be compromised. Nature speaks to me, it calms me and opening up my eyes to what life has to offer.  I can think clearer and leave […]

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