Secret Garden

There is a place close to home that you can lose yourself in the beauty of nature.    In the the middle of suburbia where you feel like you are in a secret garden.   The grounds have been nurtured and loved by the caretakers.

The gardens have shape and textures that give and go with the grounds.   Standing in the middle of this is the perfect place to sit and lose yourself.   The sunshine dances off the shapes and brings to light those areas which were once hidden.


The garden is an expression of their love as you wander through.   Breathe in the scents of the flowers, exhale life.

The stone walkways lead you through arches and more nooks and crannies.    Beauty explodes all around you.   This is the perfect spot to throw a yoga mat and meditate.   20170718_184824

Yes this is special.   Yes this is a creation of love.   We are so fast with life that sometimes we forget to embrace those special details that surround us daily!



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