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Summer Colors

Found a rare opportunity to wander the grounds and explore the flowers of summer.    The vibrancy of the colors shown bright in the sunshine. While capturing the beauty of the distinct contrast of white and greens a butterfly danced in front of the lens.   It settled among the white flowers and fluttered its wings […]

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An afternoon adventure opened up to glorious beauty.   I am afraid of heights, I don’t embrace them, I don’t put myself in places that my sense of self would be compromised. Nature speaks to me, it calms me and opening up my eyes to what life has to offer.  I can think clearer and leave […]

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Rugged and Relaxed

Needing the break from the hustle and bustle of life retreating to a place of sun and sand in December gives the mind and body a chance to rejuvenate. The weather was 85 degrees, the water temperature was low 70’s ~ perfect for an escape.    Sandmen adorned the beach and the sea gulls were […]

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Mums are the transition from pumpkins and scarecrows.    Surrounded by these beautiful flowers, though surprisingly they produce no scent.    Their colors, shapes and sizes are amazing.  The red tree, mum is actually one plant – what an incredible exhibit! I get lost behind the lens of the camera and these are just a […]

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