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There are miles of rails between the east and the west.   The beauty of this is that every inch, yard and mile of this wondrous system of rails is in balance.    The integrity remains strong and unyielding.   The human system starts out that way and over time areas of weakness arise,  we have to […]

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An afternoon adventure opened up to glorious beauty.   I am afraid of heights, I don’t embrace them, I don’t put myself in places that my sense of self would be compromised. Nature speaks to me, it calms me and opening up my eyes to what life has to offer.  I can think clearer and leave […]

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Lunch Visitors

After an arduous descent and trek across a vase open crater, we settled in for some well deserved lunch.    Sitting in the midday sun, taking in the surrounding views were every bit as amazing as the day had been. Did you ever have the experience, you knew you were suppose to be right where […]

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Sliding Sands

The last full day on Maui proved to be the best adventure.    I never expected to find such peace and exhilaration.   The ride to the Summit of 10,000 feet  was sheer beauty.  Parking above the clouds and to embark on a hike that will be forever etched in my mind. The temperature changed quickly […]

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Relics of Ole

Hiking in Chester County has many hidden treasures.   Stumbling upon this relic of ole was amazing.   Hidden from view in the summer months, this treasure has a history. A basement, wall are three stones deep with a mud smooth surface on the inside.  The structure hidden by vines and overgrown trees speaks of […]

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