Eyes – the Soul Connection

Whether we want to recognize it or not, our eyes are the connection to our souls.   We mask our true hearts desire through the expressions on our faces, but our eyes tell the story.   The innocence of a child can be seen in their eyes.   Wonderment and delight, doubt and wary can be see if we just connect and take the time in this fast paced world.

As with life our experiences often are reflected through the eyes.    Are you truly connected to your heart?

IMG_2133 (4)

Is there a disconnect or a heaviness that is holding us back from the biggest version of ourselves?     Do we hid from those around us for fear of being seen or our heart being revealed?

Wisdom comes with age and as we age, the wear and tear of life is shown around our eyes – are your eyes an express of happiness or is a sadness revealed?  When was the last time your eyes dance with love and happiness?    You make the choice –

Its time we start connecting to those around us.   Our hearts need connection and our eyes are the gateway, be open to the possibilities of who you are walking past.   Each and every one of us has a story!




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