An afternoon adventure opened up to glorious beauty.   I am afraid of heights, I don’t embrace them, I don’t put myself in places that my sense of self would be compromised.

IMG_6971.JPGNature speaks to me, it calms me and opening up my eyes to what life has to offer.  I can think clearer and leave the to do lists behind.   As I trekked higher and higher through the woods, I came across the most amazing view.


I have never experienced such a rush standing atop that peak.   My heart beat faster, I thought I would panic.  It was the most exhilarating feeling, almost like free falling – but I didn’t plan on stepping off the ledge.

The valley below showed of dense forest, subtle green patches and farm land in preparation for planting.    One of the many visitors to this spot was flying a hover craft off the Pinnacle.   The hawks that were dancing in the valley were spying it and circling it as prey.


I want this feeling again, many never get to experience such a sense of freedom.  There were no guard rails, no caution signs.   Absolutely no barriers holding you back.     We tend to put ourselves in these tight little boxes, I did for many years. IMG_7025  I am choosing to explore life to the fullest.   Find the rocks and boulders to climb over, seek the highest of highs.   What will you choose to do that pushes your limits?   Life is too short to hold yourself back!



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