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IM Maryland

Athletes, weekend warriors and seasoned competitors trained for months to compete in the local IRONMAN competition.   Swimming, biking running are all apart of this event and not for the faint of heart. The water was rough, which canceled the swim.   The boats sat idle and the bouies were anchored. The bikes were racked […]

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Sleepy retreat

Have you ever had the pleasure of waking up to a view so peaceful.   Overlooking the water, a quiet sleepy little inlet off the Chesapeake is a moment to embrace.   The hustle and bustle of the summer is gone.   The geese are overhead heard regrouping and flying onward as the weather changes. […]

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50 years

So few individuals find that partner that makes their heart sing and want forever, when a special couple finds the magic and celebrate their 50th anniversary ~ it’s time to celebrate. Family surround and embrace these special people, at sunset on the beach they renew their vows taken so long ago.   Capturing these special […]

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